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Rosa Herrera

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Rosa Herrera

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful means of developing the best of yourself, both in your private and professional life. Provides you with the necessary tools to enrich your life and that of those who relate to you.

I will accompany you throughout your personal, work or business growth process.


life and business coaching

If you are in a moment of personal or professional insecurity or confusion, I accompany you in your process of transformation and discovery of the best version of yourself through Personal Coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program).

I speak 5 languages and I have had to reinvent myself several times with success, that is why I know that change is possible and necessary in a world of constant changes, I will help you improve your (EI) Emotional Intelligence, so that you can understand and manage your emotions properly. I use mental reprogramming tools to change stagnant thinking and behavior patterns that keep you from moving forward.

Who I am?

I have been dedicated myself to health and teaching for more than 20 years in different countries. For several reasons, I have had to reinvent myself many times overcoming numerous obstacles, learning to improve myself in each of them, reaching success.

The more times they told me that what I proposed would be impossible, the more desire I put into it, achieving my goal. Achieving success is not easy, it requires sacrifice and sometimes pain, this is where we often stagnate and stop moving forward, blocked by fear and insecurity.

Being that many people have requested my help and advice, I have merged my professional and personal experience, creating my method to accompany you in your transformation, improving all facets of your life, and therefore, feeling happier.

My Method

With my Transformative Coaching Method, I guide and support people who want to reach a higher level in their lives. You will consciously discover what causes you discomfort, helping you grow with structure, support, learning and empowerment to achieve your most important goals.

I use mindfulness techniques, deliberate awareness in the present, with which you can detect the origin of your discomfort in life, the Emotional Intelligence method (EI) will help you detect your emotions and those of others, being able to adjust them to the environment and helping you to relate to other people or achieve goals.

In addition, the PNL techniques, Neurolinguistic Program, will help you work on your objectives and goals more effectively, increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, direct your life with greater meaning or get the best of yourself.


Why choose me?

I enjoy helping others, they say about me that I have the gift of seeing the potential that each person has inside. I am empathetic, brave, enterprising and I have great strength. In the face of obstacles, I grow, and I take them as challenges to learn.

I have managed to adapt to different cultures with respect, and I have learned a lot from them. I continue to train and attend national and international courses continuously.


The top is not reached by surpassing others but by surpassing yourself.