Coaching is the process or way of supporting people in achieving their goals, projects or challenges, whether personal or professional.

In general, it is based on helping to boost motivation and exploit people’s strengths to gradually achieve their goals at the end of the session until they are finally reached. It should be noted that the coach is not a consultant, nor a psychologist, nor a doctor, but rather an interlocutor, a confidant and a partner. In this way and as a professional I want to open new challenges and new options so that there is a development of potential, managing the emotional and personal part of each individual.

Coaching determines achievable goals, identifies obstacles, overcomes them and develops personalized and confidential action plans.

Which one suits you the most?

The potential is in each one of us, and I am here for you to discover it and strengthen yours conscientiously until you achieve the desired results. In my office in Barcelona I carry out four different types of sessions; personal coaching, regressive therapy, transpersonal psychology and Clinical and Ericksonian hypnosis.

Choose the one that best suits you and your circumstances.


Aimed at people who need an improvement or a change in the personal sphere. I accompany anyone in achieving their objectives, projects or challenges, valuing their potential, managing emotions and fostering their capacity for autonomy and fulfillment.

Regressive therapy

Regressive Therapy focuses on identifying and making conscious those traumatic experiences that have been hidden in the subconscious, either from this life or from previous lives, and that are having a negative impact in the present. In addition, this therapy can also help bring to light traumas that were repressed by the subconscious during childhood, when the mind did not yet have the capacity to process them properly.

Clinical and Ericksonian Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis aims to increase the patient's creative and abstraction capacity for their benefit, and is achieved through specific techniques for inducing the hypnotic state, such as relaxation, active hypnosis and self-hypnosis, among others. It is important to note that during this process consciousness is not lost, nor is control, nor is the will given to another person. The patient always maintains the capacity for decision and autonomy.

transpersonal psychology

Transpersonal Psychology transcends the merely personal, since it is not limited to working with the mind and emotions, but also seeks to provide a complete experience that allows raising awareness to higher levels. Through this practice, it is possible to achieve greater self-knowledge and expand the state of love and universal understanding that arises from our deepest being.


In the consultation or online, a first session is held to meet the client and find out the degree of compatibility and connection, and generate a suitable complicity to be able to follow the rest of the sessions.

In the sessions, a series of guidelines will be established:

Positive dialogue

I will listen to you and believe in your potential, valuing your qualities and working on your areas of improvement.


I will respect your expectations, your objectives, your opinions and the environment in which you move. Listen to understand your needs.


I respect the commitments, without false promises, both in time, price and quality.


In an exercise of reciprocity, the truth must go before everything and with total transparency to gain mutual trust and be able to achieve success.


Personalized processes adapted to each case. Make face-to-face visits in the center of Barcelona, or online. I have different methods to be able to make visits online.

Who I am? My experience as a coach in Barcelona

My name is Rosa Herrera, I am a certified professional coach and I am a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

I have been in the health sector and teaching in different countries for more than 20 years. Currently my professional office is located in the heart of the city of Barcelona.

I speak 5 languages, Spanish, French, English, Catalan and Arabic. I graduated from the Universitat Obert de Catalunya (UOC) in Psychology.

I am passionate about human potential with the desire to transmit and inspire each individual with the aim of achieving personal and professional fulfillment. I myself have walked this path as a woman, entrepreneur and collaborator. The potential is in each one of us, and I am here for you to discover it and strengthen yours in consciousness until the desired results.

As a coach in Barcelona and thanks to everything that has happened to me throughout my life both professionally and personally, also due to my experience of meeting people in sessions, I have created a transformational coaching method to improve the most people’s essentials. Through this method and mindfulness techniques, you will be aware of the causes of your discomfort, I will be able to help you grow with structure, support, learning and empowerment to achieve your most important goals through personalized sessions.


Self love

It doesn’t matter what you’ve achieved, how successful or beautiful you are, or how hard you’ve worked to increase your self-esteem and you.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient technique, used for centuries in different cultures. It is a state of contemplation or deep and prolonged reflection to achieve.

Create your life – the real you

When we don’t connect with our true desires and position ourselves as the creators of our lives, we can feel out of control, overwhelmed, resentful, frustrated.

Being-knowing who you are

The American writer and poet E.E Cummings said that “It takes courage to grow and become who you really are.” I’ve been trying for a lifetime.