Create your life – the real you

When we don’t connect with our true desires and position ourselves as the creators of our lives, we can feel out of control, overwhelmed, resentful, frustrated, and guilty.
These unpleasant emotions arise when we say “yes” when we mean “no”, bending over to please others without listening to ourselves or communicating what we really want to say, avoiding showing our authenticity, feelings of guilt may even appear in case of choosing us themselves.

This is not a state in which we should stay, and what can we do to regain our power as creator of our lives?


Start by becoming aware of what you are tolerating in your own mind.

How do you talk to yourself? What do you focus on? Do you choose criticism or kindness for yourself? It starts with you. Start creating a narrative in your mind that is supportive, compassionate, even self-respectful.

As you do so, you will generate more positive feelings, more self-empowering actions and behaviors, which in turn will reinforce that supportive self-talk and sustain this new cycle of empowerment. Look in the mirror and declare your love!


The easiest way to feel powerless is to perpetually please others. It’s uncomfortable to set limits, it’s hard to say no, but it’s essential if you want to live a life that’s your own. This does not mean closing the door to the world, but opening it to self-respect.

You don’t have to be more available to others than to yourself. You do not have to justify your decisions, you are not obliged to assume the problems, jobs, whims or desires of others. Create your own space, increase your self-esteem by listening to yourself and dosing your energy for yourself, always with respect.


Many of us feel like we don’t have time. Feeling that I don’t have time often means that we are loading ourselves with responsibilities without sufficiently recharging our energy.

We all have limited time responsibilities and things to do, but our life is still our own. We can decide, for example, to get up 10 minutes earlier to meditate, turn off our phones to

To enjoy some time offline, we can create a nutritious self-care routine where we dedicate that time to the things that make us happy, trying to choose and prioritize.


If our life is loaded with responsibilities and our vocabulary loaded with obligations that must be successful, I invite you to question yourself: Am I in tune with my needs? Can I listen to myself? Would I like to try something new? Do I need to rekindle an old passion? Has my creativity turned off? Do I connect with others? Am I following my dreams?

Listening to yourself is the key to creating your life your way. Listen to your needs, listen to your voice, listen to your intuition. These are yours for a reason. You have a composition, a potential, a purpose, a vision and

a unique path; You will not be able to fully enjoy them if you always try to please others, if you accompany other people on their life path all the time.


Remember that no human being is accepted by absolutely everyone, we all have our followers and detractors, this is normal and acceptable. Not everyone is going to like your creation, but if the real you likes it, this is what really matters.

Reflect, do you think that if you were focused on creating a life that you like, you would really care what others think? Would you choose comparison, judgment and criticism to create your life? Would you choose to continue dwelling on the regret or shame of a past version of you, or would you choose to be the creator of your true self?

If you want to create your own life, you have to make it yours. Find out whose opinions matter to you, who really loves you and is happy about your achievements, who gives you advice and even constructive criticism. Detect people who will only see the negative in you, whatever you do and be indifferent to harmful comments, do not absorb them or make them yours, just let them go, they do not belong to you. Let go of the idea that everyone has to like or approve of who you are and how you choose to live. Only you can do that!

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