Pain management

Pain management

According to numerous neurophysiological studies, chronic pain and anxiety are closely related as prolonged pain ends up causing anxiety to the person suffering from it. Through at the start we feel pain as an alarm signal to protect us from further damage, if it persists over time it can lead to other problems and hinder our daily life. For this reason, Hypnotherapy can help in adopting a serene and relaxed attitude towards pain, blocking the vicious circle of pain-tension-pain.

When pain is persistent over time without being resolved, and having tried different treatments and drugs, Hypnosis can be of great help in regaining the ability to relax and feel psychological well-being in spite of physical pain. This can be done by learning dissociation and of sensory hypnosubstitution techniques to cope with the moments of greater intensity of pain.


Oftentimes the feeling of physical pain is an emotional wound caused by the involuntary manifestation of psychological and/or spiritual suffering, whether it be conscious or unconscious. We can identify this wound and treat it through Hypnosis and/or Regressive Therapy.

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