You are more than what you see, discover yourself with Transpersonal Therapy. 

Transpersonal Psychology goes beyond the mind and emotions; it gives a whole experience that includes raising consciousness to a higher state. With this, you will be able to know yourself deeply, amplifying your state of love and universal understanding from your Being. 

Once you have discovered what was blocking you through Regressive Therapy, I recommend at least two sessions of Transpersonal Therapy to develop your full potential, self-confidence, peace of mind and meaning to the life you long for.

What purposes does it have?

With Transpersonal Psychology you will enter an inner state of harmony by balancing your body (the physical), your heart (intuition), your mind (reason) and your soul (spirituality). It will help you heal emotional wounds, mental blocks, fears and limiting thoughts. You will discover your true essence by reconnecting with your own Self, while you will feel connected with your environment, making you find meaning in your life.

How can Transpersonal Psychology help me?

Once you have processed past situations correctly, you will turn these memories into liberating experiences, allowing you to change the way you remember your past, how you live your present and how you approach your future.

It can also help you balance these new aspects and emotions, discovering yourself more deeply, releasing your strengths and gifts.

Once this is achieved, we will do a joint program of Mindfulness and meditations to help reprogram your mind towards your new self.


Personalized processes adapted to each case. Make face-to-face visits in the center of Barcelona, or online. I have different methods to be able to make visits online.