Occasionally feeling anxious is a normal part of life. As living beings, we have developed this controlled state of stress as a method of survival throughout evolution. However, when this feeling is prolonged in time, it can lead to developing an anxiety disorder.

An anxiety disorder produces a state of constant worry and intense fear which is difficult to control, interfering with daily life and affecting physical health and personal relationships. It can also be aggravated and cause panic attacks and phobias.

To prevent the feelings of anguish and fear, the person suffering them can end up avoiding certain situations, places, or people, conditioning their life to this emotional state.

Some symptoms of anxiety are:

  • Feeling of nervousness or tension.
  • Feeling of imminent danger, panic, or catastrophe.
  • Increase in heart rate and accelerated breathing.
  • Sweating, trembling.
  • Weakness or tiredness.
  • Trouble concentrating and excessive worrying.
  • Problems falling asleep.
  • Gastrointestinal problems


Cell receptors respond to molecular signals such as energetic or electromagnetic signals, such as thought (Dr. Lipton, 2002).

The organisation of brain cells changes constantly, the brain is not always in the same state and changes according to our environment, situations, and emotions due to its plasticity. Therefore, we can consciously change it with our thoughts, helping our unconscious through the hypnotic state. The hypnotic intervention for anxiety actively intervenes in the internal healing process, allowing the brain to review its own behaviours, memories, beliefs, and negative patterns, stimulating the organism to become healthier and recover its own power.


Physiologist Edmund Jacobson (Chicago, 1888) discovered that systemically tensing and relaxing various muscle groups, we are able to completely get rid of muscular contraction and reach a state of deep relaxation. From this discovery, we have the therapy in 6-7 sessions, as well as a fifteen-minute daily meditation program to do at home to become aware of your body.

If you consider that you suffer from anxiety, have tried other treatments and have not improved and wish to benefit from the effects of hypnotherapy and relaxation through autohypnosis, request your first appointment here.

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