Regressive Therapy consists in making hidden traumatic experiences conscious, that from the subconscious are disturbing the present moment, regardless of whether they come from this life or past lives. The subconscious can also repress traumas suffered in childhood when the mind was unable to process them correctly.

Combining techniques of Hypnotherapy and Psychoanalysis, we can detect past events, memories and traumas that are having a negative impact on the present and make them conscious.

By facilitating the conscious encounter with the soul, Regressive Therapy is able to resolve the psychic and emotional pain that lie in this, to understand the meaning, and its importance in this life. 

Coincidences do not exist; our Soul chooses what life lessons it needs to raise its consciousness by learning lessons of love.

Many of the conflicts and emotional difficulties of our present life have their origin in traumatic or painful experiences lived in previous existences. These experiences are not exhausted with death and leave an emotional scar that remains in the most intimate of our being and is projected to subsequent lives.

How does Regressive Therapy work?

Regressive Therapy reaches an expanded state of consciousness. This means being aware of the here and now, and at the same time having consciousness in another dimension, which facilitates connecting with the soul, where there is no time. All experiences are in the soul at the same time, and it is the soul who reviews its past experiences and works with them to get rid of the emotional energies that disturb it.

What can we work on with Regressive Therapy?

Although Regressive Therapy is not a cure in itself, it gives us the necessary knowledge to find the right path to our healing, being a slow, solid, and progressive way of self-healing. Phobias, fears, anxieties, mild depression, blockages, guilt, repeated failures, behavioural or sexual disorders, suicidal tendencies, or psychosomatic illnesses are some of the things that can be treated through Regressive Therapy.


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